how to update your website for optimal event promotion

When I need to remember something I post it on my computer at work because no matter what each day I will inevitably look at my screen. And I believe I can safely assume that  everyone has that “one” place they can post something and know if they set the reminder there it will be seen.


Unfortunately, when it comes to promoting your business and especially your live events, one and done doesn’t work. In fact, it’s the riskiest approach you can employ.

I’ve heard women say “Oh I just create a FB Event.” Or, “I just post it on my website.” And then wonder why in the world no one is registering and ticket sales are low.

The first step to a successful event is promote, promote, and when you think you’ve promoted enough, promote some more.

For the next two weeks, I am going to cover how to update your online real estate so that you maximize your online traffic to promote your event.  You’ll do this by refreshing your website and setting up your event website or online registration page.

This week we are going to cover how to update your business website to support promoting your event. This of course assumes that you have your own website to update. If not, then next week's post will help you to create an event specific website. Regardless, to effectively promote your event you will need an online hub that you can control and that you can connect with a way to accept payments.

Create a plan for refreshing your website to promote your live event 

First, you should inventory your website and create a plan for how you want to refresh or rebuild it.  Below is a list of the places on your site  you should consider updating to ensure your event has maximum exposure.

Home page header with a call to action

If your website has a header image, update it to reflect you upcoming event with a button or text overlay. Header images are prime real estate for such a call to action or a promotion highlight as Social Media Examiner does for its Social Media Success Summit

Banner/logo prominently displayed on home page

Instead of changing your header image, adding a banner or logo below the header image is prime real estate. As a person scrolls down the page, it is on of the first things the will see. 

Above the Header

Add a message at the top of your page. In Squarespace, this is super easy peasy to do with the “announcement bar” option for your site. On WordPress sites, you can consider a plugin such as Hello Bar

Navigation Bar add an events page

Provided you don’t already have a ton of links in your navigation bar, adding an events page link is likely to catch the eyes of some visitors. If you have more than one event in the works, the page would list them all with links to the respective events pages or websites. If you just have the one event taking place, link directly to the event details page or site.

update your about page or services page

Another place to talk about your event or event series is on your about or services page. Again, beautiful imagery and an bold statement or text is all you need to draw attention just another way to work with you.

write a blog post

Another way to keep your event fresh on the minds of your readers is to write a post about it. It can include photos from the previous year, a behind the scenes look at your event planning, or even just share your vision for why you're hosting it. Let your creativity run wild.

Other website locations to consider updating for your event

social media sharing buttons

While you likely already have this on your site, just making sure the links are updated or lead to event specific social media accounts is a way to help folks find you elsewhere online and encourage engagement. Be sure to be active on all the accounts you have linked during your event promotion time.


Your blog or site sidebar should display a button or banner linking directly to your event page or website. Brand it consistently with a bold call to action.

This is the first of two posts on how to use your online real estate to promote your live event. I would love to see how you all are updating and promoting your events on your websites. I believe sharing examples of our work are great ways to inspire and guide one another. Comment below with links to your websites.

if you have other ideas i'd love to hear them! comment below.