Get clear on what to sell, when to promote it + 
how for the next 12 months


You're a great consultant with great clients. But you're struggling to keep momentum.

each time you get a new client or start a new program, your marketing pauses and takes a break. 

You know the inconsistency showing up online is hurting your credibility. You're frustrated that you spend way too much time thinking about what to promote rather than how to promote it. You know you should outsource your social media posting to your VA, but frankly you're just not sure how to do it efficiently.

You started your business so that you could spend more of your time doing what you loved and spending it with the people you love... But that ain't happening!

You're at dance class with your daughter planning out the next day's posts. Your hubby is giving you the side eye because your always distracted and frazzled working both Saturday AND Sunday to plan next week's blogs and FB Lives.

wouldn't it be great to be certain months in advance what's coming up in your business so that you can better manage your schedule for both your family and your clients?

get your time back!

TAMING YOUR DIGItal marketing is a 30-day 1:1 program that helps you get clear on what what to sell, when to promote it, and how to promote it for the next year of your business .

Hi, I'm Diera Shaw-Mendez. I know you've got lots going on. Raising babies and businesses, while trying to be an excellent wife is stressful and exhausting to say the least. It's why you started and built your own business in the first place. Climbing the corporate ladder was too rigid for you. 

I also know you're the type who doesn't mind rolling up her sleeves and putting in the work up front if it means being able to relax later. 

after working with me you will...

  • Show up more confidently in your business and land more clients.

  • Reduce the stress and overwhelm that leads to inconsistency in your marketing.

  • Win back your precious time lost by fumbling through what to post and where everyday.

  • Use your team more effectively by knowing how to direct them and more effectively delegate marketing tasks so you can do more of what you do best and love.  

  • Get a handle on the direction of your business for the next year so you can better plan and carve out time for yourself and family.

the investment is $2000

and here's what you get

  • A comprehensive questionnaire to assess and review where you are and what you’re (1) currently doing

  • 60-min kick off call to set your success goals

  • (2) 90-min working sessions to map and plan out your marketing and business strategy for the next 12 months

  • A storyboard of social media themes for the next 6 months - know what to post, when and where

  • A step-by-step plan to update your digital presence to ensure that you're directing people to the places you want them to go so they get on your list and buy from you

  • Recommendations and a plan for how to best utilize your team - who can and should do what so that you don't have to

  • Email support for an additional 30 Days following our second 90-min session and I aim to respond within 48 business hours.

  • BONUS: 30 plug and post social media posts

  • BONUS: A 1 year subscription to SmarterQueue (my secret weapon for redeeming time posting on social media)

  • BONUS: 26 Content topic ideas that can be used for blogs, vlogs and lives

booking your call is easy

Hi, I'm Diera!

And if you're a woman who is all about raising her business so she can spend more time raising her babies (...and showing her hubby some lovin' too...) then I'm your gal.

Having working in the nonprofit sector the majority of my career, I've learned to accomplish much with limited resources, both people and finance. The key to your success is planning, strategy and wise delegation. When you're clear about precisely what needs to be done, getting it done becomes that much easier.

Six years of my career I spent as an event planner, working on events of up to 17000 people in locations as far as Hong Kong. I've worked for companies like Disney and the American Association for Cancer Research. 

My superpower is seeing the big picture of what you're too close to see in your own business. If you tell me your vision, I can help you plan how to execute it.

Marketing, promotion and sales are the lifeblood of any business. But it shouldn't overwhelm you.

I want to help you get back to do doing what what you do best and love most. I believe as fulfilling as our vocations may be, our priorities must always be: God, family, work...