power workshop strategy package

you're clear hosting live events will move the needle in your business or ministry.

Events have the power to leverage your time, increase your visibility, and add a level of prestige and expertise to your brand.

you have the ideas. But you don't really know what you're doing when it comes to marketing, planning, and all the things?

and frankly when you think about it, you'd rather crawl under a bus.

planning a live, in-person event is hard and messy #realtalk

In the midst of furiously of planning, promoting, and selling your workshop or retreat, it can be challenging to manage and consider all the details. You feel overwhelmed and frustrated with figuring out next steps.

Not only are you a coach, developing killer content for your audience; you're also the tech support, graphic designer, and now you're an event planner too!

the power workshop planning package a
done-for-you service for the successfully busy coach
that will get your event planning organized and
ready for your implementation in 30 days

after working with me:

  • You'll have a clear direction and tactical plan for your live event so that you know exactly what you need to do, and what you can delegate to someone else. (delegation is your friend!)
  • Your clients will rave about the enjoyable, professional experience and are eager to tell all their peeps about your next workshop (oh you thought you'd only do this once!?).
  • You'll buy a new trinket with the money and time you save in your budget because you'll be better able to negotiate with vendors and venues for your event.

plus, you'll save countless hours of wasted time and stress googling and researching 'how to plan a live event' and have the confidence and assurance of professional support from an experienced event planner on your team so no step is left undone.

This package includes:

  • An in-depth Questionnaire due 48 hours prior to our scheduled call that will help you get the thoughts and ideas in your head on paper.
  • A 90-minute phone call to discuss your event vision, vibe, and ambience as well as all the serious stuff (but oh so important details) like preferred dates, goals, and initial budget so that we can get on the same page immediately.
  • A done-for-you initial event timeline and checklist with priorities and next recommended steps so you know what to do and when.
  • Initial research and contact for 5-6 venues in your preferred geographical location based on our conversation so that you don't waste time getting bogged down in all the research.
  • A comprehensive venue comparison of top 3-4 venues outlining price, availability, contact information, special amenities or considerations, limitations, etc., that are recommended based on your brand, event requirements, and budget.
  • A detailed overall budget with a ticket price break even analysis based on venue recommendation which includes a checklist of additional expense categories to consider (think office supplies, flowers, giveaways, swag bags, etc.) so that you know what you have to charge and how many people you need to attend to ensure your expenses are covered.
  • An suggested profit plan for your event based on your current business and offerings.
  • A 30-minute follow up call to discuss any questions you may have about planning
  • Unlimited email support and follow up until your scheduled event is complete.

    Introductory Price: $297 (Regularly: $997)

    Booking now for fall/winter 2018 Events

    Anita Albert-Watson, Business Strategist + Coach

    Anita Albert-Watson, Business Strategist + Coach


    after you click the button to secure your spot:

    • You will receive a link to my scheduling calendar to book your 90-minute session with me. 
    • Then you'll get the link to an in-depth questionnaire which will be due 48 hours prior to our scheduled call. 

    clients who sign up for this package will also receive, the following templates and checklists for your event planning ease:

    • Venue Inspection Checklist 
    • Supplier Recommendations
    • Schedule of Events Template
    • Marketing/Social Media Ideas + Strategy

    who this is for:

    This coaching service is for established coaches seeking to add live events to their business offerings and are ready to hustle your little tush off to make this event happen!

    • You're committed to hosting a live workshop and already have an idea of who you want to personally invite to this event.
    • You have clients that are ready to work with you in a different capacity.
    • You want to move from 1:1 coaching model to a 1:many model while deepening the impact and authenticity of how you connect with your clients.
    • You have questions and are seeking strategic guidance on where to start and what to do next.

    who this is not for:

    While I don't like to turn anyone away, I also want to create the best possible experience for you and deliver the best possible results for your biz. Therefore if:

    • You're just starting your business and you don't have a local following or roster of clients to draw from...
    • You're unsure that you're ready to invest the time, money and effort needed for a live event at this moment...
    • You're perfectly comfortable running your biz from behind the screen. No shame in that game #introvertsunite!

    This coaching service may not suit your needs. But certainly sign up to the newsletter to stay abreast of our new offerings and programs.

    Introductory Price: $297 (Regularly: $597)

    Booking now for fall/winter 2018 Events

    ***and as a bonus...you also will receive complimentary membership to The Workshop Classroom ($197 value)***

    The Workshop Classroom my private, paid membership FB community where you will receive continued, immediate access to me and a network of other coaches that will give you feedback and support as you get your event plans up and running.

    Your Workshop Classroom membership includes:

    • Participation in our private Facebook community page — you post a question, and I’ll answer
    • Personalized advice and feedback about your workshop
    • Suggestions from all the coaches in our community about your workshop ideas and dilemmas
    • Monthly live, group coaching calls for further support and advice

    Together, in The Workshop Classroom, we’ll …

    • Work through your ideas from concept to execution so that you have the accountability to see your event through to completion.
    • Develop your timelines and tasks using the very tools I used while working as a planner do that you're clear about what you need to and when.
    • Anticipate and handle any challenges that arise in your event plans so that you feel confident and look professional from the moment event registration lauches to the moment your last attendee leaves the day of. 

    Introductory Price: $297 (Regularly: $597)

    Booking now for fall/winter 2018 Events

    And just in case you were wondering…

    I have over 15 years of experience, planning and executing events and conferences both domestically and internationally for prominent nonprofits and companies in the NJ/NY/PA area.

    From as small as 10 to as large as 17000, I've worked on a variety of events and brand experiences. 

    I’m not about helping you plan an event because it sounds like a good idea and everyone else is doing it. I'm about helping you strategize your event efforts so that you meet your ultimate business goals.  

    You’re busy, I’m busy and we have other priorities in our businesses. So my goal is to help you take a thoughtful, deliberate approach to your events — my goal is to help you get clear and strategic about how your event goals align with your bigger vision for your business. 

    Introductory Price: $297 (Regularly: $597)

    Booking now for fall/winter 2018 Events